Fishing the south Jetty Newport Oregon.

Photo by ascend Photography

Fishing is something that helps me unwind, Thats why The Archangel Project helps disabled Veterans and First Responders get outdoors. Anyway we decided to get a away for the weekend and camp near Newport, Oregon. After a great night of playing games around the camp fire the next morning we packed up camp and headed for the South Jetty.

The South Jetty is really beautiful with a lot of spots to fish off the rocks. I decided for my first few casts I would use the cammo gulp worms that you would use for surfperch fishing. The tide was coming in and pushing my bait and weight in circles. I decided to pull in my line and add more weight. I reeled in my line and the first hook had a very small flounder that was hanging onto the cammo worm. I cast about five or six times more catching two more.

caught three on cammo gulp worms
A view from the South Jetty by Ascend photography.

At this point I decided since I was set up for Perch fishing I would head to the the surf and do some perch fishing. The beach next to the South Jetty is not Ideal for perch fishing because it is a beach that has ideal conditions for surfing. Since it was a nice day there were a lot of people surfing. I decided to call it quits and go Catch some crabs, but will definitely be back to catch some sea bass.

I will be back when I have a little more time and have Done some more research. but it was a great learning experience and didn’t get skunked. if you ever had the chance to fish the south jetty let me know how you did.

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