Fishing the Aumsville Ponds

I decided to fish the Aumsville Ponds in Aumsville Oregon. I started out using worms and caught one sunfish. Switched to a crank bait with a rattle and caught 5 bass. The Park does not allow dogs because a certain type of birds nest there. the trial around the pond is a total of 15 minutes to walk. from what I could tell the bigger bass were in deeper waters. I would cast my lure out as far as I could and retrieve slowly. I don’t think this will be a regular spot for me due to the vegetation near shore making it hard to keep your lure clean while retrieving it. The pond is over fished I counted 13 different people in the two hours I spent there who act like they have never heard of catch and release. I will go back sometime but it probably wont be until after it gets a little cooler outside.

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