Fishing Clear Lake

I love getting outdoors and seeing new places. As USMC Veteran and someone who currently works in Law enforcement I know how important it is to have an outlet from some of the things I have seen and see on a day to day basis during traumatic situations. Clear Lake in the Mt Hood national forest is beyond words. When we arrived it was the end of may and there was still a little snow on the ground and around 50 degrees. The first thing I noticed about the lake was you could see all the way to the bottom of it no matter where you went on the lake. I didn’t see any signs of fish or anything jumping on the water so I went to store at the boat launch. I asked the guy at the store if they had stocked it recently, he said “they stocked it two weeks ago”. And where I come from that means the lake has been fished out. The store owner said all the stocked trout are probably gone but there are still a lot of cutthroats.

So me and my Fiancé decided we would rent a boat for an hour and check out the lake. Clear Lake does not allow any kind of motors on the water, but they rent row boats at the store by the boat launch for $15 an hour or $30 for the day or charge you $5 to launch your own boat.

After 5 mins of learning how to row again we were off. We were so amazed by the beauty of the lake. we rowed over to where the river meet the lake and decided to throw our line in. I decided to use a night crawler first and see if it brought me any luck. I could see my worm and weight fall all the way to the bottom. I let the weight fall until about 2ft before bottom and decided to troll. After a minute of trolling I had one bite. I could see the fish go near my bait but not take it. and just like that an hour had passed it was time to return my boat. I think fishing would be great in early June. Be on the look out for fishing clear lake part 2 I feel like I have some unfinished business.

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