About us

The Archangel Project with Kick ass volunteers and supporters

      The Archangel Project is a state and community driven organization that helps veterans, law enforcement and first Responders throughout our great country.  This nonprofit was established by men and women who have worked and served in the military or as first responders to our country. Archangel is an independent non – profit organization which seeks to help Veterans and first responders with transition and post-traumatic stress (PTSD). We will also work closely with our communities to help transitioning veterans and first responder’s manage PTSD, reintegration, and tackle personal challenges by helping the men and women who have served this country with the resources they need to aid rehabilitation and achieve success while transitioning. We help Veterans and first responders healing by providing healthy social activities and adventures while meeting new like-minded people. We will also help veterans and first responder’s with financials challenges through our network where they can find resources during hard times. Through fund raising efforts we have been able raise over $2,000 for a Vietnam Veteran with small cell lung cancer. We also have raised money to get Veterans in the outdoors again Fishing, Hunting, Kayaking, and hiking. 

CEO ( the left) Vice President (on the right) with one of our raffle winners