The Archangel Project Events

Events coming up for the Archangel Project.

11/30/2019 The Archangel Project Tailgate. we will be tailgating 6 hours before the game. We will have food games and football on our flat screen tv and free food.

03/28/2020 the Archangel project surf perch fishing tournament. Last year was our learning curve but we had a great time and all the proceeds went to help Veterans and first responder’s. We will have prizes for winners and drinks and food will be provided.

June-August Detroit lake fishing days out on the lake fishing and swimming, food and drinks will be provided

July TBD the annual Archangel Project BBQ, Food, prizes and a way for our sponsors and veterans to meet. Also a great way for veterans and first responders to meet like minded people.

August TBD Deep sea fishing trip. After the fishing trip food will be provided.

July TBD will have dates 90 days out, Whitewater rafting Camping Trip,

Veteran and First Responder Tailgating

09/05/2020 – North Dakota State
09/12/2020 – Ohio State
09/19/2020 – Hawaii

A combat Veteran

Youtube star Drew Hernandez served as a active duty Army MP from 2006 to 2011, which also included tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. While working as a private contractor in Iraq during 2015.

The thing I admire about Drew is he knew he really liked what he was doing and went for it. He turned his hobby into a career and took it even farther than anyone imagined.

His videos are funny and have a lot of truth behind them on a veterans perspective. check out this video.