PTSD and Relationships

This is just my opinion but before you get into a relationship really evaluate what you want in life. Because if you don’t you could be in a world of fucking hurt.

You need to be straight forward with your partner that your depression ptsd and anxiety might ruin the relationship.

There’s going to be times where it will be thrown in your face that you need help. Sometimes it’s bullshit because your partner is just saying something to hurt you.

If your jealous at all do not get in a relationship the ptsd just amplifies the jealousy’s. Seek counseling before you do.

The best piece of advice I can give you is if things get heated with your partner or loved ones just walk away call a friend don’t let things get worse and get help.

VET TV controversial?

I had a chance to watch HBO’S (Vice’s) documentary on Donny O’Malley’s Veteran TV network. Donny started the company with $150,000 of his life savings, and 150,000 from his parents. Vice TV remarks that Vet TV is controversial and filled with dark humor and calls it objectional comedy. Donny says he just wanted show the reality of how frontline soldiers act in the field, its not like in the movies with their feel good propaganda pieces. At one point the reporter from vice says “Donnie is pretty offensive at times especially if your not the audience he is aiming for, and your probably not, if you are a civilian this content probably isn’t for you”.

At one point the reporter says I have done other military stories and have had family members that have served and because of the type of humor she debated even doing this story at all. I was just curious about everyone else’s thought’s on Vet TV and how vice handled it. Here is the documentary below